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Pricing options built for every budget


The basic plan is perfect for those on a budget. Manage up to 10 devices from one user account. Two-year licensing, for as little as $12.50 per device, per year.


1 Device — $30 ($15 per device, per year) 
5 Devices — $140 ($14 per device, per year)
10 Devices — $250 ($12.50 per device, per year)

Questions about basic pricing? We're here to help!


An ideal plan for small and medium businesses. A premium two-year license gives you the power to manage up to 100 devices for as little as $9.50 per device, per year.


1 Device — $35 ($17.50 per device, per year)
5 Devices — $165 ($16.50 per device, per year)
10 Devices — $300 ($15 per device, per year)
25 Devices — $600 ($12 per device, per year)
50 Devices — $950 ($9.50 per device, per year)

Managing more than 50 devices? We can help,

Questions about basic pricing? We're here to help!


In nearly 40 years, we've seen it all. And we have a proven track record for reducing both hard and soft IT costs for organizations worldwide. So it comes as no surprise we're committed to curbing RMM costs at scale.


Every enterprise is unique. Contact our friendly salespeople for available pricing options.

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Supported Windows Devices Basic Premium Enterprise
Virtual machines
Group functionality  
User Management Basic Premium Enterprise
User accounts
Maximum number of user accounts 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Notification by email
Assign accounts access credentials  
Suitable for Managed Service Providers    
Managed accounts    
Maximum number of managed accounts     Unlimited
Events and Reports Basic Premium Enterprise
Event history
Retention of Events 30 days 180 days 365 days
Reports on individual computers
Reports for computer groups  
System Management Basic Premium Enterprise
Hardware inventory
Software inventory
Storage information
Drive monitoring
Security Management Basic Premium Enterprise
Microsoft Defender Antivirus
Windows Security
Windows Updates
USB monitoring and locking
Process monitoring
Intel AMT Basic Premium Enterprise
Support for Intel AMT/vPro Features
Automatic Provisioning of vPro Clients
Remote Boot Control
Power State Management
PC Migration Basic Premium Enterprise
Laplink PCmover   (extra cost) (extra cost)
System Optimization Basic Premium Enterprise
Disk cleaner
Defrag   (extra cost) (extra cost)
Remote Control Basic Premium Enterprise
Remote Desktop
Remote Console
PowerShell Scripting
Technical Administration Basic Premium Enterprise
MSI File for Roll-Out  
Data Security and Privacy Basic Premium Enterprise
Secure use with SSL encryption
Two-factor authentication
Data Processing Agreement  

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